Learned Hall Structural Testing Laboratory

The Learned Hall Structural Testing Laboratory, which has been actively operated since its opening in the 1970s, has 4,000 ft2 of open laboratory area with a clear height of 30 ft. There is a 20-ton traveling crane for transporting specimens and equipment. The strong floor has anchor points spaced 3 ft on center that support loads of up to 100,000 pounds at each anchor location. The laboratory has three MTS hydraulic power units with rated flow capacities of 90, 30, and 20 gpm to supply hydraulic oil to testing equipment. A Flex-Text II CTC control system capable of managing up to four actuators is available for cyclic and dynamic testing of full-scale structural components within the test bay. Reaction frames are available for testing approximately full-scale bridge systems as well as structural components. The Learned Hall Structural Testing Laboratory also has three digitally controlled self-reacting hydraulic testing machines with capacities of 60,000 120,000 and 600,000 pounds in both tension and compression.


galvanizing tank and various other equipment