Microscopy and Analytical Imaging Laboratory

The Microscopy & Analytical Imaging Laboratory at the University of Kansas is a common use service lab. The laboratory recently underwent extensive renovations and has acquired a wide spectrum of analytical imaging devices with very flexible imaging capabilities. Within the lab, a wide range of optics, high speed shutters, and spectral analysis tools are also available, permitting flexible configurations of devices for specialized applications including, but not limited to, total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy, spectral confocal microscopy (laser scanning confocal microscopy platform), spinning disk confocal microscopy, measurement of multi-spectral polarization anisotropy, dynamic measurements of fluorescent dipole orientation, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, and high speed FRET detection. The laboratory is also home to a 120keV TEM, a Field Emission SEM equipped with EDS and Cathodoluminescence detection, a fluorescence 2-D gel/microtitre plate/microarray scanning system and an AFM configured for both biological and materials analysis.

Of particular note for biological samples, a Zeiss Meta 510, multi-line laser scanning confocal microscope is available in either an upright configuration or on an inverted microscope platform; the inverted platform possesses multi-well plate imaging capabilities, advanced spectroscopic analysis functions, laser micro-dissection, and advanced FRET/FLIP/FRAP capabilities. All of the functions of this microscope may be automated through an open, visual basic scripting environment. An additional pair of optical microscopes, one inverted, one upright, are available for standard, non-laser based epi-fluorescence imaging. All optical microscopes in the lab are equipped with phase contrast and DIC optics, automated objective/filter set switching, computer driven Z -axis motor drives, and auto-focusing under software control.