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Mechanics of Materials Teaching Laboratory

The Mechanics of Materials Teaching Laboratory is located in room 1421 of LEEP2, the new engineering teaching and research facility that opened in 2015. The facility is a teaching space used for conducting experimental laboratories associated with undergraduate courses, including CE 310, Strength of Materials, and ME 307, Engineering Materials Laboratory.

The Mechanics of Materials Teaching Laboratory is equipped with six table-top testing frames suited for hand-driven mechanical testing of metallic and polymeric specimens. Students can use the test frames to conduct tensile, flexural, shear, and compressive tests using a variety of available fixtures. The laboratory also houses a closed-loop screw-type test frame for testing larger specimens, a pair of table-top hardness testers, high-resolution microscopes for examining failure surfaces, and grinding equipment for preparing specimens for testing.

For more information, please contact any of the following professors:

·    Dr. Matthew Fadden at 785-864-0673 or matt.fadden@ku.edu

·    Dr. Elizabeth Friis at 785-864-2104 or lfriis@ku.edu

·    Dr. Remy Lequesne at 785-864-6849 or rlequesne@ku.edu

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