Large-Scale Geotechnical Testing Laboratory

The Large-Scale Geotechnical Testing Laboratory is located on West Campus. The Laboratory consists of a large-scale geotechnical testing box, a large-scale loading frame for railway testing, and several material bins for the storage of soil, aggregate, and ballast. The testing facility is also equipped with a 55-kip actuator, a Bobcat front loader, a forklift, two vibratory plate compactors, a jump jack compactor, in-situ testing devices (vane shear test device, dynamic cone penetrometer, and lightweight falling deflectometer), and instrumentation sensors (earth pressure cells, displacement transducers, and moisture sensors) and a data acquisition system. This testing facility has been used for geotechnical teaching and research including but not limited to geosynthetic-reinforced unpaved and paved roads, railways, buried pipes, retaining walls, and shallow foundations.


sand and other materials used for geotechnical

material bins for the storage of soil, aggregate, and ballast

55-kip actuator and other materials for testing