KU Geotech Society

KUGS provides level communication among professors, undergraduate and graduate students, and professional alumni interested in geotechnical engineering. We empower our members to advance their geotechnical knowledge, research, and communication skills.

Currently at over 45 members, KUGS continues to provide a fully accessible communication platform among students, faculty, and professionals interested in advancing and implementing cutting edge geotechnical research and knowledge.

Every year, we deliver serious competition to major universities across the nation at the American Society of Civil Engineers Geo-Institute's GeoCongress sponsored by the Structural Engineering Institute. Competitions include:

  • GeoWall - Design and construct a paper-strip-reinforced paper MSE wall.
  • GeoPrediction - Present an analytical solution for a geotechnical scenario to geotechnical professors and professionals.
  • GeoVideo - Create and present a short video about an interesting aspect of geotechnical engineering.
  • GeoPoster - Present a poster to geotechnical professors and professionals about research interests/breakthroughs.

KUGS has consistently placed top five nationally in the ranked competitions:

  • GeoWall: San Diego, CA, '13 (2nd), Atlanta, GA, '14 (4th), San Antonio, TX, '15 (4th), Phoenix, AZ, '16 (Planning 1st)
  • GeoPrediction: Atlanta, GA, '14 (5th), San Antonio, TX, '15 (2nd), Phoenix, AZ, '16 (Anticipating 1st)
  • GeoVideo: San Antonio, TX, '15 (2nd), Phoenix, AZ, ‘16 (Awaiting 1st)

We provide our members with many learning and networking opportunities at national, regional, and local conferences, seminars, and competitions. Construction and testing facility tours, a monthly lecture series at KU, and occasional gatherings at the lake are also part of the KUGS experience.

Ranging from deep and shallow foundations to subgrade stabilization, geomaterial reinforcement, self-healing road surfaces, and transportation structures, KUGS offers expertise in a wide variety of the geotechnical concepts governing our daily lives.

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