Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)

Students in a KU-ITE monthly meeting

KU-ITE monthly meeting with Kansas Section ITE (KSITE)

KU-ITE students at a conference in Springfield, MO

MOVITE (Missouri Valley ITE) FALL 2021 Conference in Springfield, MO

KU-ITE students at a conference in Washington D.C.

TRB 2022 in Washington D.C.

About ITE

The Institute of Transportation Engineers is an international educational and scientific association of transportation professionals who are responsible for meeting mobility and safety needs. ITE facilitates the application of technology and scientific principles to research, planning, functional design, implementation, operation, policy development and management for any mode of ground transportation. Through its products and services, ITE promotes professional development of its members, supports and encourages education, stimulates research, develops public awareness programs and serves as a conduit for the exchange of professional information.

2023-2024 Chapter Officers:

  • President: Payton Smith
  • Vice-President: Mahgam Tabatabaei
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Bahareh Bakhti

Faculty Advisors:

Contact Information:

Institute of Transportation Engineers

The University of Kansas

c/o Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering Dept.

2150 Learned Hall

1530 West 15th Street

Lawrence, KS 66045

Meetings are announced by flyers and email