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The new 1,300-squarefoot Asphalt Laboratory in 1178 Learned Hall,  represents the first upgrade to our geotechnical labs. With the addition of this sophisticated Asphalt Lab, KU will be one of a few universities in the country able to conduct research that could change asphalt for use in the public and private sectors. 

New State-of-the-art equipment will allow researchers to characterize asphalt in a very modern way, specific to a multitude of changing climate conditions. Dr. Masoud Darabi, who will be teaching the Transportation Materials class in the new lab, is planning research on how to develop an asphalt material that will be more resistant to cracking and that may potentially be able to heal itself. 

In addition to the latest technology in research, students will benefit from the state-of-the-art class equipment and features. The new lab space will allow students to become familiar with the equipment, provide room to perform and observe a variety of tests, enable them to work on the composites that are being used in the advanced materials industry, and gain experience that will open a number of new job opportunities. 

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