BS ARCE Elective List

Engineering Elective

During or before your fourth year in the KU BS ARCE degree program you will choose a technical emphasis for your intended career or graduate study. These emphases are:

  1. Building Construction Management
  2. Building Lighting and Electrical Systems
  3. Building Mechanical and Energy Systems
  4. Building Structural Systems
  5. A hybrid or emerging emphasis such as Sustainability, Pre-Architecture (toward KU’s NAAB-accredited Master of Architecture), Acoustics, or Fire Protection is appropriate as well.
  • In support of your technical emphasis, the BS ARCE curriculum includes a three credit-hour engineering elective course which may be either an engineering science (ES) or design (ED).
  • In the following tables the asterisked (*) courses are highly recommended for undergraduate students.
  • The higher-level courses may be more appropriate for graduate study which is also recommended and may require as little as one more year at KU; co-enrollment in a graduate program, e.g., our M.S. ARCE, MSCE, or MCM, in your last semester is possible.
  • If you have been admitted to KU’s NAAB-accredited Master of Architecture program, three credit-hours of a third ARCH studio course that is required for the M.ARCH degree may be used to fulfill this BS ARCE elective.
  • When you are ready to choose your engineering elective course be sure to obtain the latest version of this Electives List from the CEAE/ARCE website and to discuss your career plans with your CEAE faculty advisor.

Building Construction Management

Dept./No.Course TitleCredit Hours
CE 240Geomatics3 (Engineering Science = ES)
CMGT 701Construction Planning and Scheduling3 (Engineering Design = ED)
CMGT 702Construction Equipment & Methods3 (ED)
CMGT 703Construction Quality, Productivity, and Safety3 (ED)
CMGT 704Construction Estimating & Bidding3 (ED)
CMGT 705Construction Contracts, Bonds, & Insurance3 (ED)
CMGT 706Construction Alternative Project Delivery Methods3 (ED)
CMGT 707Engineering Risk and Decision Analysis3 (ED)
CMGT 708Introduction to Sustainable Design & Construction3 (ED)
CMGT 709Alternative Project Delivery Methods3 (ED)

Building Lighting and Electrical Systems

Dept./No.Course TitleCredit Hours
ME 612 OR C&PE 521Heat Transfer3 (Engineering Science = ES)
ARCE 641Power Systems Engineering II3* (Engineering Design = ED)
ARCE 642Power System Protection3* (ED)
ARCE 644Electrical Machines & Drives3* (ED)
ARCE 645Electrical Energy Production & Storage3* (ED)
ARCE 647Power System Analysis I3* (ED)
ARCE 648Power System Analysis II3* (ED)
ARCE 663Energy Management3* (ED)
ARCE 750Daylighting3* (ED)
ARCE 751Advanced Lighting Design3* (ED)
ARCE 752Light Measurement and Design3* (ED)
ARCE 760Automatic Control3* (ED)

Building Mechanical and Energy Systems

Dept./No.Course TitleCredit Hours
ME 612 OR C&PE 521Heat Transfer3* (Engineering Science = ES)
ARCE 662Water Systems Design (if won’t take ARCE 698 w/ Prof. Rock in a Spring Semester; same content. Fall ARCE 698 is OK.)3* (Engineering Design = ED)
ARCE 663Energy Management3* (ED)
ARCE 664Fire Protection Engineering3* (ED)
ARCE 665Solar Energy Systems Design3* (ED)
ARCE 760Automatic Control3* (ED)
ARCE 764Advanced Thermal Analysis of Buildings3* (ED)

Building Structural Systems

Dept./No.Course TitleCredit Hours
CE 487Soil Mechanics4* (3 ES, 1 ED)
CE 588Foundation Engineering3* (ED; CE 487 Prerequisite)
CE 763Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures3* (ED)
CE 764Advanced Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures3* (ED)
CE 765Advanced Steel Design – Building Structures3* (ED)
CE 768Design of Timber Structures3* (ED)
CE 769Design of Masonry Structures3* (ED; Edwards Campus/Zoom)

Other Architectural Engineering Topics

Dept./No.Course TitleCredit Hours
ARCE 620Architectural Acoustics3* (ED)
ARCE 621Electro-Acoustical Systems3* (ED)
ARCE 675Sound and Vibration Control3* (ED)

Note: Some elective courses are taught less often so discuss them and alternatives with your advisor and the courses’ instructors. ARCE, CE, and CMGT special-problems and directed-readings courses may also be available.

KU Core Electives

The University of Kansas requires all undergraduates, including transfer students, to complete the KU Core. It is the obligation of each student to ensure meeting its requirements; details, and lists of approved elective-courses, can be found via KU Core.

The BS ARCE curriculum requires already many courses that fulfill several goals and learning outcomes of the KU Core, but four other elective-courses are still needed for:

General Education (GE)

  • Goal 2, Communication; Learning Outcome 2, Spoken (GE22 on the BS ARCE curriculum sheet)
  • Goal 3, Breadth of Knowledge; Learning Outcome 3S, Social Sciences (GE3S)

Advanced Education (AE)

  • Goal 4, Culture and Diversity; Learning Outcome 1, Human Diversity (AE41)
  • Goal 5, Social Responsibility and Awareness; Learning Outcome 1 (AE51) {CE 610 highly recommended}

Because approved courses for the KU Core will vary over time, it is advised that each student print and retain the list showing that each chosen course, when completed, met the specific requirement at that time. KU Schedule of Classes lists all current and recent course offerings.