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2020 Conference Speaker & Presentation Information



Plenary Session (Woodruff Auditorium, Level 5)

Martha Shulshi - Ph.D

Environmental Impact of Our Changing Climate - a Focus on the Great Plains

Information Pending.


Charles Bott - Ph.D

SWIFT - HRSD's Vision for Advanced Water Treatment and Managed Aquifer Recharge in Eastern Virginia

Information Pending. 


Thomas Stiles

Integrated Planning under the Clean Water Act: Help for Herding Cats 

Information Pending. 


Steven Rose, Ph.D

Climate Change Resiliency in the Energy Sector

Information Pending. 


Session 1 (Alderson Auditorium, Level 4)

Lee Gaeddert - Ph.D, Jonathan Yoder, Amy Kahler, and Gouthami Rao 

Water Supply and Treatment in Emergency Settings

Information Pending.


Josh Vincent, P.E.

Lessons Learned from Slipining a 24-in. PCCP Pipe with a 20-in. Flexible, Kevlar-Reinforced Liner with Your Own Utility Crew 

Information Pending. 


Nick Burns - P.E., Jay DeCarolis, and Gil Hurwitz 

Water Reuse as a Means to Provide Resiliency

Information Pending. 


Holly Shorney-Darby - Ph.D, Jumeng Zheng, and Roberto Floris

Ceramic Membranes for Reuse

Information Pending. 


Session 2 (Woodruff Auditorium, Level 5)

Laura Johnson, and Lindsey Phillips

Flood Response and Recovery 

Information Pending. 


Susan Moisio - P.E.

Sanitary Sewer System Evaluation and Planning for Resiliency

Information Pending. 


Dave Wagner, Trevor Flynn, Susan Pekarek - P.E., Aaron Witt - P.E. 

A Tale of Two Utilities' Approaches to Integrated Planning

Information Pending. 


Jim Fitzpatrick - P.E., 

Enhanced Carbon Management for Leading Edge Utilities

Information Pending. 


Session 3 (Kansas Room, Level 6)

Bill Bider

Preparing to Meet Waste Management Challenges Associated with Natural Disasters

Information Pending.


Ryan Edwards

Oxy's Midwest CO2 Superhighway Vision

Information Pending. 


Daniel Wilkus - P.E., Robynn Andracsek - P.E.

Efficiency is the "ACE" to Greenhouse Gas Compliance

Information Pening. 


Ella Rose - P.E. 

Getting Creative - Maintaining Renewable Energy Products as Viable Investments

Information Pending. 



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