Expertise-Driven Project Delivery

Hands-On Workshop for Next Practices in Procurement & Project Management

Friday, March 31, 2017

9:00am – 1:00pm

1530 West 15th Street

LEEP2 Room 1420

Lawrence, KS 66045

Earn 3.0 hours of PDH Credit

  • Practical Tools & Templates (based on thousands of RFPs/RFQs, proposals, and evaluations)
  • Examples from real projects ranging $50k – $1.2B
  • Hands-On Workshops
  • Guide to conduct Partnering “in the real world”
  • Open & honest discussions with your peers!
  • Lunch and refreshments included


The design and construction industry recognizes that evolving project delivery systems, technology, and contract language do not always improve project performance.  And as owners to push toward the lowest dollar, they often don’t understand how their actions result in higher costs & lower performance.

The selection and alignment of expert project teams is the ONLY factor that consistently improves project outcomes for all parties – designers, contractors, and owners.  This workshop will provide tools of Expertise-Driven Project Delivery, which professionals can immediately use to improve hit rates on proposals, create more positive partnerships with clients, and develop owners into a “Client of Choice.”


Design and Construction Professionals who…

  • Want to increase their hit rate (consistently score 2-5 points higher in evaluations)
  • Are high performers–and want to prove it–with  simple and powerful metrics
  • Want to increase profitability by improving partnerships with their owners.

Owners who…

  • Are tired of trying to “force” vendors to do what they are contracted to do
  • Want to prove they got what they paid for
  • Are interested in performance-based On-Call and Job Order Contracting programs


U.S. General Services Administration

44% reduction in change order costs and 45% fewer days of project schedule delay

Fann Environmental – Design-Build Firm

Doubled hit rate on BV/QBS proposals and Increased job profitability

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

95% reduction in proposal evaluation time and $94,630 savings in procurement admin. costs

University of Alberta – Design, Con, FM

      $500,000 savings per year on 1st XPD project and $8-12M savings on a Design-Build 


Dr. Brian Lines is an Assistant Professor in the Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering (CEAE) Department at the University of Kansas.  He has delivered $1B+ design, construction, and facilities projects using tools of Expertise-Driven Project Delivery, resulting in $10’s of millions in project savings.


AGENDA for March 31, 2017

   8:30-9:30am          Registration

9:00-9:30am          The Value of a “Client of Choice”
  • Principles of attracting high performers – how owners can strategically position themselves to attract the best project teams on every project.
  • How design and construction professionals can work with a Client of Choice to maximize profits (without increasing costs)
  • The direct link between owner decision-making and project outcomes
9:30-10:45am        The Proposal Process: Differentiating Expertise
  • Tools to cut through the marketing content and showcase expertise
  • Best practices for Best Value (BV) & Qualifications Based Selection (QBS)
  • Hands-on Workshop: proposals that stand out from the crowd
10:45-11:15am        Project Award: Aligning Expectations
  • Moving beyond “Risk Transfer” – leverage expertise to truly minimize risk
  • Innovative techniques for pre-contract planning
  • Interactive Workshop: Case Studies in Aligning Expectations
11:15-12:00pm       Project Control: Simple but Powerful Metrics
  • Using performance metrics to increase project team accountability
  • Establishing program-wide metrics to provide real-time & actionable data
  • Performance-based systems for On-Call and Job Order Contracting Programs

   12:00-12:30pm      Working Lunch & Open Discussion

12:30-1:00pm        Getting Started: Implementing within your Organization
  • Practical tips for achieving results (tangible examples from real organizations)


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