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Environmental Science

Candidates for the M.S. degree in environmental science have 2 options. Option A requires 30 credit-hours including a thesis of 6 to 10 hours and a final oral examination including defense of the thesis. Option B requires 30 hours including a 3- or 4-hour special problem investigation in the specialization and a final examination. It does not require a thesis.

The M.S. degree in environmental science requires an understanding of chemical, biological, and physical principles of environmental engineering processes, i.e., satisfactory completion of CE 770, CE 772, CE 773 and CE 774 or equivalent.

Courses to be applied toward the M.S. degree must be listed on a Plan of Study form approved by the student’s major professor and examining committee and the departmental graduate advisor. All graduate students must have an approved Plan of Study7 on file by the beginning of their second semester of study. Graduate courses offered by the CEAE department are identified by the prefixes CE, ARCE and CMGT and are numbered 700 and above.  No more than 9 hours of courses from other departments or more than 6 hours of courses numbered below 700 (of which only 3 hours may be within the department) may be applied toward the degree without approval of the department’s graduate advisor. No more than 4 hours of special-problem credit may be applied toward any of the master’s degrees without approval of the department’s graduate advisor.


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