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Architectural Engineering

Architectural engineering at KU is a challenging ABET-accredited four-year course of study that leads to a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering (BS ARCE). At KU, the BS ARCE program is administered by the School of Engineering in consultation with the School of Architecture, Design, and Planning. Undergraduate students in the ARCE program have full access to the resources in both schools including scholarships, courses, computer and instructional laboratories, shops, student organizations and activities, and libraries.

ARCE students that have an interest in architecture as well as engineering can get both the professional ABET-accredited BS ARCE degree and NAAB-accredited Master of Architecture (M ARCH) degrees at KU in six years, which includes a required summer of study. This dual degree option is possible because of the architectural design, history, and building technology courses that ARCE students are required to take from the architecture faculty as well as the close relationship between engineering and architecture at KU.

Students in good standing who want to earn a professional Master of Architecture degree in addition to the B.S. in architectural engineering should notify the School of Architecture, Design and Planning of their intention to pursue both degrees before the third year and discuss it with their ARCE advisor so that electives can be chosen carefully.

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ABET Accreditation Information

Program specific accreditation information can be found here.

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