Engineered Building Systems Emphasis

Associate Professor
Learned Hall, 2134C

Areas of Research

Lighting and Daylighting

High Dynamic Range Imaging and Computational Photography

High Quality, Efficient, Safe, Healthy, and Sustainable Luminous and Visual Environments

Associate Professor, Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies
Learned Hall, 2150D

Areas of Research

Energy Efficient Building Enclosures

Building Energy Analysis

Advanced Building Insulation Systems

Professor of Practice
Learned Hall, 2135A

Areas of Practice

Building Electrical Power Systems Engineering

Electrical Grounding and Bonding

Sustainable Electrical Design

Lighting Design

Arc-Flash Analysis

Construction Safety

Fire Alarm Systems Engineering

Associate Professor
Learned Hall, 2134D

Areas of Research

Building Mechanical and Energy Systems (HVAC&R, Piping, Plumbing Design, Controls)

Indoor Air Quality

Energy Conservation

Solar Energy

Engineering Economics

Fire Protection Engineering

Powerplant Technology